Paingone Qalm

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Paingone Qalm


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Use Qalm for the relief of common and episodic mirgaine, migraine with aura, and even tension headaches.

Its therapy is clinically proven to help relieve migraine and its simple operation makes it suitable for use by anyone.

Qalm can be applied when a migraine attack strikes, for effective and prompt relief. But it can also be used regularly to prevent migraines or reduce their frequency.

At a glance

Rapid relief of migraine



Class IIa Medical Device

20 minute therapy

Also prevents attacks

Clinically proven

Adjustable intensity

Paingone Qalm

When Migraine or severe headaches strike, use Qalm: a clinically proven therapy that relieves migraine and also prevents and reduces the occurrence of attacks.

Qalm is applied directly to the forehead. It holds in place via advesive gel pads while its slim, lightweight design ensures it stays firmly attached and delivers maximum benefit.

Qalm uses a specific output and frequency to stimulate the trigeminal nerve. This therapy has been proven to effectively relieve migraines, without the use of medication.

In addition to tackling migraines when they occur, Qalm can also help reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and prevent their occurence. This is achieved via a second therapy mode with its own unique programme settings and output.

Thanks to its rechargeable Li-ion battery, Qalm is reusable and convenient, while remaining compact and light.

Qalm is supplied with a charging cable with universal USB connection, three pairs of conductive gel pads, a storage case, a mirror to facilitate application, and comprehensive instructions.

How to use
Paingone Qalm

Qalm should be applied either when a migraine is already present or, ideally, when the first signs of a migraine attack are felt.

Attach a pair of Qalm conductive gel pads to the device.

Before use make sure your skin is clean and dry.

Place the device on your forehead, 1 cm above the eyebrows and turn the device on.

Increase the intensity to a level you find comfortable. You can increase intensity using the “˄” button. To reduce press “˅” . There are 34 levels in total.

Continue pressing until the sensation is strong but comfortable.

QALM has two preset programmes.

Programme 1 – Is designed to treat migraine attacks and will last for 60 minutes
Programme 2 – Is designed to prevent migraines and will last for 20 minutes

The unit will turn OFF automatically when the session is complete

Should the gel pads start to lose their stickiness, they can be refreshed by lighly dampening the pads with water. When the pads no longer adhere, they should be replaced. Additional gel pads for Qalm are available.

Paingone Qalm

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