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Thanks to Paingone, Lucien can: ✅ Daily tasks ✅ Relieve his legs, knees and feet when he is working ✅ No longer feel his pain
Lucien C
Paingone Warrior
Christian has been using Paingone for 2 years for his lower back pain as well as for his pain related to his sciatica and osteoarthritis. Thanks to Paingone, he no longer feels his pain!
Christian P
Paingone Warrior
Thanks to Paingone, Chrisine: ✅ Relieves ankle pain ✅ Resumed walking
Christine V
Paingone Warrior
Works great for me.
Nathalie T
Paingone Warrior
I had major spinal cord surgery and fusion last week because the legs were numb and I fell. The backs of the lumbar vertebrae have all been removed, so that the spinal cord has more space. In addition, the nerves are also dissected. As I still have tremendous pain and tingling, the neurosurgeon advised me to order one more Paingone. Received yesterday. I use it very regularly and the results are amazing. Now the pain has greatly decreased and I no longer feel any tingling.
Maarten T
Paingone Warrior
I have rheumatism in my hands. Since I have been using Paingone about 3 times a day, I have experienced real relief. Easy to use, I even take it to work. I highly recommend it.
Henrique M
Paingone Warrior
Perfect, it's very effective, I recommend.
Marcel G
Paingone Warrior
We just received it this afternoon and my physiotherapist is not against it at all; my friend tried it on her tendonitis and felt it kick in.
Anita B
Paingone Warrior
I have been using it recently and I am satisfied. It helps me to contain my pains which make me very happy!
Nathalie N
Paingone Warrior
I use it 3 times a day, and it is a miracle product! After a few uses the pain disappears!
Isabelle M
Paingone Warrior
Suffering from acute tendonitis, the application with Paingone + was effective according to the instructions in the package leaflet. I recommend it around me; it is easy to use and take when traveling.
Patrick B
Paingone Warrior

Use anytime, anywhere

It only takes 1 minute to use and can be applied through clothing. Put it in your bag, briefcase or pocket and it is ready in an instant to provide you with natural, drug-free relief from pain. You can get on with the things you want to do, without pain holding you back.

Mr Robinson

The PainGone Pen is absolutely amazing, I’ve used it for years and it really helps to alleviate the onset of pain anywhere in my body.

Miss Allen

Just the product I have been waiting for! I have used the original paingone for some time now and I can’t be without it.

Mrs Graham

It does help with my arthritic pains so will keep going to see how much better it becomes.

Mrs Shirley

Bought this pen for my Husband as he has had back pain for months and pain killers have done nothing for him. I would recommend getting someone else to do the clicking.

Mr Allen

I have used my paingone for many years now and just had to buy another one. It is very effective in dealing with my lower back pain and keeps me on the go!

Mr Tylor

I have found this gel extremely useful in helping my knee pain whilst training for a marathon. I’ll be ordering more soon!