Latest Clinical Trial Results


Rendomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial

Paingone pens are Class IIa Medical Devices and offer an effective form of pain relief for varying levels of pain – including chronic, and without the use of drug therapy. Used throughout the NHS and in professional practices the efficacy of the device is well proven. This latest a double-blind, placebo-controlled 8-month study by Hospital General Universitario Morales Meseguer draws some interesting and powerful conclusions.

The efficacy of the handheld TENS pen, used on demand for 28 days, has been evaluated both for the relief of general musculoskeletal origin pain as well as for acute and chronic pain of the same origin in particular;

The following conclusions were drawn from the data evaluation and analysis of this study:

  • Paingone pen is effective in relieving chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • The use of Paingone pen is safe and well tolerated
  • Paingone pen reduces the use of medication for patients with acute pain
  • 83% of individuals with chronic pain who used Paingone pen felt that their pain had gone from severe to moderate and in some cases to no pain at all
  • Paingone pen improves the quality of life of subjects

Post Market Survey Results

As part of Tower Health’s on-going post marketing surveillance activities for its medical device Paingone pen, an end-user survey was conducted during March and April 2017. The conclusions for the survey can be found below, alternativly view the complete report here.



Distribution of Percived Effectivness of Using Paingone Pen

More than 9 in 10 respondents find Paingone to be effective to some degree for their condition. 1 in 4 finds Paingone to be “very effective”.



Application frequency per day

4 in 5 users find that one or two applications per day are sufficient.


As can be seen from the results of the survey, the Paingone Pen is an effective device for the reduction of pain.

As shown in the table, 76.1% of participants in the study found the Paingone Pen to be either “Effective” or “Very effective”, with only 6.1% finding it not to be an effective treatment for them.

What’s more, the study shows that the device is effective without needing lots of time dedicated to its application. 4 in 5 respondents found that using the Paingone Pen once or twice a day was sufficient for reducing their pain.

While the results of the clinical trial were generally positive, one recommendation for future development was that a one-click solution would make the device even easier and more convenient to use. This recommendation has been met with the introduction of the Paingone Plus pen, where one click starts a 30 second TENS treatment.

All in all though, the clinical trial has shown that the Paingone Pen is very successful in terms of efficacy and usability.

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