Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions about Paingone and
corresponding answers.

Frequently asked questions

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What type of battery does Paingone Plus use?

1x AAA battery


How is Paingone Plus different from Paingone One?

It offers the same therapy and pain relief, but it is battery-powered and delivers the therapy automatically and more quickly.


How long does the battery last?

One battery provides approximately 800, 30-second applications


How do I insert the battery?

Gently twist the orange cap anti-clockwise to gain access to the battery compartment.


How do I know Paingone Plus is working?

If the impulses can no longer be felt, the battery should be replaced.


Who should not use Paingone?

Those with a pacemaker, heart rhythm problems, epilepsy pregnant women, children, sensitive skin.

Who should use Freeze Gel?

Those looking to relieve sore and aching muscles and joints quickly and naturally.

How often should I use Freeze Gel?

We recommend no more than 4 times per day, and to wash hands with cool water after use

Can I use Freeze Gel in conjunction with Paingone pens?

We recommend using Freeze Gel in between tens therapy

Why is Freeze Gel better than an ice pack?

Freeze Gel absorbs really quickly, and enables you to get on with your day