The Paingone Story

We’ve been helping pain sufferers with our unique, clinically proven products for almost 20 years.

Paingone is the range you can trust to relieve pain quickly, effectively, and without the use of drugs.

All our products meet the very latest international standards, ensuring that the product you use offers the best in safety, quality and effectivness

Our History

From a unique original invention, Paingone today has become a varied offering of pain relief solutions designed to address a range of conditions. Let’s take a look at how we have built our expertise and reputation:

Today, Paingone is a trusted brand for pain relief, offering a range of products to treat different painful conditions. Brand new for 2020 are Aegis, designed specifically to treat chronic lower back pain, and Qalm, a new therapy that alleviates migraine and can even help prevent their occurrence.
In 2016 a new, automatic model was introduced: the Paingone Plus. This quickly became a customer favourite.
Since then, Paingone has been introduced to a truly global audience, with over 1.9 million units sold around the world to date.
Paingone was officially launched in 1998 and, shortly after, won an award for “Best Medical Product of the Year”.
Inspired, Mr. Nødskov set about inventing. After considerable research, investigation, and clinical testing, Paingone was born! Unlike the TENS machines he was inspired by, Paingone was only the size of a pen, required no pads or gels, took 1 minute to apply and could even be used through clothing.
During a trip to a medical exhibition in the USA, Mr. Nødskov saw a novel electrical pain relief therapy (TENS) being used in large appliances and hospital equipment. He wondered whether this same therapy could be made available in a convenient, compact form, suitable for home use.
Paingone is an original idea of a Danish inventor, Preben Nødskov. He was searching for a drug-free solution to help his wife, Aase, relieve the debilitating pain she suffered in her hands.

A brand you can trust in

All our products meet the very latest international standards, ensuring that the product you use offers the best in safety, quality and effectiveness.

CE marked medical devices

Where applicable, our products carry the CE mark for Medical Devices. This approval can only be affixed to devices that meet the strict requirements of the latest European directives.

Independently Audited

Production facilities are annually audited by independent Notified Bodies to ensure that standards are complied with to their fullest.

Clinically Tested

Products are clinically tested and clinically effective or based on the latest published scientific evidence.

Trusted by Customers

Committed to ethical production that values people, improves quality of life and minimises waste wherever possible.

What the medical profession say

Dear Sir, I was a nurse for may years and understand medical things more than the average layman. For that very reason I try anything to cut down on the amount of conventional medication that I take. The trigeminal neuralgia used to be really unbearable. I had an operation on the nerve and that made it worse. After I had had one trip to the pain management clinic I saw the Pen mentioned, I don’t spend money on all sorts of other things that most people do and I always consider it money well spent to gain an improvement in health. By the time I had had it 36 hours it had begun to work!! Soon I was able to cut out one dose of analgesics a day. I have also been able to cut out the Carbamazepine, the drug of choice for this condition, though it has taken 2 months to do this. I couldn’t have done this without the PainGone* pen. Some days I only use it 2 or 3 times. Yours very sincerely

Margaret Bullen (Mrs)

“Tanya Wilson suffered agony with her newly-diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. – A life long friend… discovered PainGone*… Until May last year there had been no indication that the pain I had been suffering in my shoulder for about four months would lead to the devastating diagnosis that it did. Since then I have had constant, wearying pain in my hands, wrists, feet and bouts of knee, hip and shoulder pain that make ordinary day-today living a real grind… So I started using my PainGone* Pen with caution and not much optimism. The results so far? Excellent. For me it works and it seems that I’m not unusual. The manufacturers of PainGone* boast that 76% of patient experienced relief from pain after three to five days. It is portable, light and small enough to slip into a handbag or pocket and therefore is easier to carry around than bottles of pain-killers.”

Your Health Magazine

“Dear Sir, I have demonstrated the device to some of my colleagues with outstanding results, one girl reported that her knees were pain free for the first time in two weeks. I continue to have a lot of success with demonstrations, perhaps I’ll give up nursing and be a rep! Thanks again”

Sister N Ovens BSc RGN SCM DN

“The paingone* therapeutic device has been developed. Pressing a button on its top results in activating a high voltage, low current generator at 1-2 Hz. We investigated therapeutic value of this pen in patients with myofascial pain, the device being used to stimulate the skin over trigger points at regular intervals.”

The “paingone*” Pen in the Treatment of Chronic Myofascial Pain

“paingone* pain killing pen is a safe, easy to use, medication-free pain controlling device which can be used for self-treatment. 61% of patients in the trial gained satisfactory relief from pain”

Dr D.H., SpR Anaesthetics

“76% of patients had effects ranging from good to excellent pain relief …paingone* is effective as a painkiller and is a good supplement to other treatments. In the trial no side effects were observed”

Treatment of Acute Tennis Elbow & Arthrosis of the Knee by Dr Ole Asbjorn, GP, MD

“The percentage of patients experiencing temporary or continuous pain relief after the use of paingone* ranged from 50% to 86.7%”

Dr Med. Bernt Fesers

“It is an effective device for chronic pain suffering patients and thus, a potent supplementary treatment device for locomotor disease. Because it is handy and easy to use, it can contribute to an improvement in the quality of life for patients who respond well to treatment”

Dr Reka Puskas

“Dear Sirs, Over the past 12 months I have personally used and evaluated the Danish developed “home aid” TNS device paingone* on myself and some of my patients. I am pleased to advise you that the device works well within a few days for pain relief in almost all cases. It also assists in the healing of certain minor muscle-tendon and ligamentous injuries.”

Dr George C.K. Giam, PPA MBBS, D Sp Med, M Sc (Occ Med) FAMS

“Dear Sirs I was extremely sceptical as to how this pen could possibly work. Now after your demonstration on myself I can’t believe how brilliant this product is. I have been in pain with my elbow for 25 years now and suffer from Dupuytrens Contracture in my hands, which is an extremely painful condition, since your demonstration on me I have been pain free for the first time, it is like a miracle. I have demonstrated your paingone* to customers who have visited here, they have been amazed and are like myself extremely grateful to you for the pain relief..Once again thank you for the kindness you have shown and for bringing this wonderful product to my attention.”

Jo Drysdale – Equipment Demonstration Officer

“Dear Sir, I have demonstrated the device to some of my colleagues with outstanding results, one girl reported that her knees were pain free for the first time in two weeks. I continue to have a lot of success with demonstrations, perhaps I’ll give up nursing and be a rep! Thanks again”

Sister N Ovens BSc RGN SCM DN

Why 9 out of 10 people who try Paingone choose to keep it, permanently

Dear Sir, Just a short note to express my gratitude for the way your ‘magic pen’ has given me a better quality of life. Having suffered from chronic arthritis, I have endured great pain for a long time, but since using the Pen, I am now able to do many of things I was unable to do before (e.g.) getting up from the settee without assistance, plus the fact that getting a decent night’s sleep for the first time in months has worked wonders for my morale”
Mrs. Margaret Fawley
Thank you for the prompt despatch of the above mentioned item. Due to sporting injuries I have suffered with osteoarthritis and fragmentation in both knee joints for over 40 years for which I take anti-inflammatory drugs plus a number of herbal remedies. I can honestly say that I have never felt pain relief from those medications as I have from the ‘Paingone*’ pen. I hope many other sufferers will enjoy the comfort of a pain free future.
E N Walker
Dear Sir I would like to record my thanks and appreciation of pen which I purchased yesterday. Basically, this was for my husband, who is a constant back sufferer – and he has found relief already. In my case, I can honestly say that the ache in my right arm, which I have had for a few days (brought on, probably by carrying a very heavy parcel) has been treated some 3-4 times, and the pain has now completely vanished. I must say at first the pain was reduced but, with subsequent treatment, it has gone and life is back to normal, which is wonderful. Thanks again
Barbara J. Sewell
I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results of my new PainGone*. I have had Chronic Cervical Spondylosis since 1993 and I am in continual pain. I have regular physio and acupuncture which give relief from pain and I also use a TENS. The TENS gives good temporary pain relief but is awkward to use by myself as the electrodes have to be placed at the base of my neck and I need help to do this. The great advantage of the PainGone* is that I can use it without help and it gives immediate benefits within minutes. I am so pleased with my PainGone* that I am ordering a second one to carry in my handbag. I look forward to receiving my second PainGone*. Yours sincerely
S.E. Grant
“Dear Sirs, Thank you for sending my ‘pain pen’ so promptly. It was very kind of you. It is a long time since I had so little pain – I have cut down on painkillers by about a third after just two weeks. I have arthritis and used my pen on my knees, my hips and hands, all with good results so I’m very, very pleased with it. Many thanks to you once again.”
Mrs Thompson
Whilst visiting my aunt recently she told me she’d been using the Paingone* pen. She told me how to use it and instantly my back pain went. I was dubious and waited for the pain to return. It didn’t. I started with sciatica in 1984 after the birth of my son and have had pain in my back, hip and leg since then and have never had relief from that pain, until the day I visited my aunt. I am pleased to say that was seven weeks ago. I have tried many ways to relieve my pain, exercise, therapy and lots of tablets, but this ‘Paingone*’ is the only thing which completely takes the pain away”
Mrs S Barker.
I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with the PAINGONE* pen. I suffer with back pain and I have two discs worn away and arthritis in the lower part of my spine. Since I have been using my PainGone* pen I have not had to take any medication for pain, I couldn’t be without one now. My sister suffers with arthritis, I have recommended the pen to her and it is helping her as well.
Mrs B J Castle

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