Paingone Aegis

Your shield against back pain

Paingone Aegis

Your shield against back pain


Manage your back pain with Paingone Aegis.

This clinically proven back TENS machine is designed specifically to fit on the lower back. Its large gel pads cover a wide treatment area, delivering relief across the lower back.

It can be worn under clothing to be activated via the remote control whenever you need relief.

For nagging back aches and pain, pain along the spine, lumbago, and other back pain: try Paingone Aegis.

At a glance

Specifically designed for back pain

Fits discreetly under clothing

Activate whenever needed

Adjustable intensity

Slim and lightweight

Remote Control


Class IIa Medical Device

Paingone Aegis

Your shield against back pain

Aegis is the powerful, portable tool that helps relieve your back pain, quickly and without medication.

It fits discreetly under your clothing, ready to be activated at the touch of a button. The dedicated remote gives you full control so, wherever you are, pain relief is only moments away.

Adjustable intensity settings allow you to optimise effectiveness as well as comfort. When activated, Aegis delivers carefully calibrated stimulating pulses (also known as “TENS”) straight to the painful area, quickly providing a feeling of relief.

The lightweight, flexible design contours to the shape of your body, meaning it sticks and stays in place where you need it, even during movement.

Aegis and its remote control are powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery. So, simply power up and go. Aegis is a self-contained unit, with no wires or gels required, making it supremely portable. At home, work or out and about, you can wear Aegis under your clothing and activate throughout the day as needed.

Let Aegis be your shield, and don’t let pain hold you back.

Easy to use Paingone

How to use Paingone Aegis?

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How to use
Paingone Aegis

Attach a pair of Paingone Aegis conductive gel pads to the device.

Before use make sure your skin is clean and dry.

Apply the back tens machine to the desired area of the back. Ensure that the pad is firmly pressed against the skin.

Press and hold the “ON/+” button on the remote control or on the device itself to to activate the device.

Press the “+” button repeatedly, on the remote control or the device, to increase the intensity to a level you find comfortable. If the intensity becomes too strong, press the “ – ” button to reduce the strength of the pulses.

There are 12 levels of intensity in total.

Aegis offers 3 therapy modes. While the device is in use, you can switch between 3 different therapy modes. To do this hold down the “on/+” button.

Mode 1 – Soft pulse
Mode 2 – Strong pulse
Mode 3 – Combination soft and strong pulse

Should the gel pads start to lose their stickiness, they can be refreshed by lightly dampening the pads with water. When the pads no longer adhere, they should be replaced. Additional gel pads for Paingone Aegis are available.

Paingone Aegis

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